Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why do you stay at home with your kids?

Do you sometimes wonder, why you stay home with your kids and not
have someone else deal with them?
Or are you at work missing your kids like crazy and hoping to get a picture
of the field trip they are on today?

I've decided a long time ago to take the job - Be a Mom!

There is a training for everything out there, just for the hardest job of all,
it's learning by doing!
You can read a lot about parenting, that's true!
However, when my oldest one, who just turned 21 a couple weeks ago,
was just a baby and I still lived in Germany, I met an author of parenting
books at a La Leche meeting.
I asked her:
'Even though I've never read your books, would you mind telling me how
it is with your own kids?'
Her answer was:
'Oh, that's a completely different story!'

Since then I know, I did my best parenting before I had kids!

Let's go in more details in the next days....

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